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Berlin, 19 January 2023


MagicManuals® and Fressnapf:

In a jubilant mood on the dog


An award for innovative spirit couldn't be more fruitful than if the next winning idea came out of it. But first things first. This year, GmbH applied for the "Fressnapf Innovation Award" with the MagicManuals®,, a clever digital end-user self-service solution - with success. This is because the online portal, on which retailers and consumer brands can upload their assembly instructions, installation and care instructions and thus make them easily accessible to end consumers at any time, won the Silver Award in the "Digital Services" category.

As Europe's number one for pet supplies, Fressnapf is positioning itself as an innovation driver with the award. MagicManuals® had built a prototype for the "Fressnapf Innovation Award" to present end customers with products and equipment in need of explanation - such as installation instructions and videos for aquariums or terrariums. This customer-friendly solution was worth an award to Fressnapf. But the fact that the next idea was born directly on the evening of the award ceremony was not foreseeable.

The next step will be to use the MagicManuals® for the "Fressnapf Tracker," an app-based GPS tracking system that allows dog owners to see where their dogs are at any time - no matter how far away they are. The tracker sends the pet's position every minute, and in live tracking even every 15 seconds. More than 70,000 dog owners already use the "Fressnapf Tracker," which also includes an extensive help center with lots of questions and answers about four-legged friends. This and other content is now to be transferred to the user-friendly UX design of the MagicManuals® - with images, augmented reality animations, texts and video. The MagicManuals® are also to be used to present the features of the "Fressnapf Tracker" in the retailer's online store.

"The content is all there, but it's how it's presented that matters, so that the users of the Dog Tracker get the most out of it. MagicManuals® is a solution that has been thought of and developed with the end user in mind. We therefore like to use this SaaS solution because we do everything we can to optimize the ease of use for our customers," says Milad Samei, Product Owner for the Dog Tracker at Fressnapf.

"The example shows how diverse the possible applications for the MagicManuals® are. There are still opportunities in so many areas to inspire more joy for products because customers can find all essential information in one central place," adds Arndt Rubart, founder of GmbH.

As a provider of pet-related enjoyment, Fressnapf's integration of MagicManuals® into the "Fressnapf Tracker" thus brings together decisive factors such as innovative spirit, technological expertise and customer proximity.



About MagicManuals® and GmbH:

The founding team has many years of complementary experience and expertise: Arndt Rubart (55), CEO, in the design of powerful customer service solutions, Heinrich Erkens (55), CFO, in cost and process optimization. The founders met in 2001 at a start-up for the digitization of passenger cars. Since then, they have helped shape start-ups and start-up companies in various capacities. For their innovative and intuitive solutions, GmbH has received the "German Innovation Award" in gold, the "Red Dot Design Award" and the "German Design Award". Due to the innovative nature of its solutions, GmbH is funded under the program "INVEST - Grant for Venture Capital of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection" and has also received the "GründungsBONUS" from Investitionsbank Berlin.


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