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Berlin, 15. December 2022


MagicManuals® win the German Design Award


When a start-up is awarded two of the most prestigious prizes in a very short time, it is on the one hand a reason for joy and on the other hand no coincidence. The MagicManuals® only went live at the beginning of September, and after winning the "Red Dot Award 2022", the customer self-enabling solution from GmbH has now also won the German Design Award. The digital portal solution, which supports end users in getting a loose grip on products in need of explanation, convinced the competition jury. As of today, the MagicManuals® are therefore listed as the winner in the category "Excellent Communications Design/Interactive User Experience/Special Mention". The jury statement says: "MagicManuals® has a unique user interface and intuitive workflows for its business customers and their end users."

The German Design Award has been presented annually by the German Design Council since 2012 and is considered one of the most recognized international design awards. The submissions are evaluated by an international jury made up of leading experts from all disciplines of design. Their judgment is invaluable - anyone whose own product convinces this jury has demonstrated a high level of expertise in design innovation and a sharp focus on the demands of their own customers and the market.

"The German Design Award is a very important confirmation for us that we are on the right track with the MagicManuals®, because we always have the user in mind at every step of development. Every question mark we resolve for end users when they engage with a branded product optimizes the customer journey at a crucial point," says Arndt Rubart, founder of GmbH.

With MagicManuals®, manufacturers of B2C products that require explanation can set up a self-service portal in the look and feel of the respective brand for end customers in just 15 minutes and with just a few clicks. There, all information can be uploaded as text, image, video, or 3D animation. In this way, the user can find all the support materials that help to set up or commission a product in one central place - user-friendly, multimedia-based, and clearly structured.

The MagicManuals® are suitable for a wide range of industries where assembly, commissioning and product use make all the difference, such as furniture and furnishings, electrical, play and sports equipment or automotive parts and accessories, etc. Crucially, the effort and cost of customer service can be significantly reduced with MagicManuals®, because end users can find "help for self-help" quickly and accurately, and cost-intensive channels such as telephone, e-mail and chat are relieved. The MagicManuals® start where it hurts, both for the customers and for the providers.


About MagicManuals® and GmbH:

The founding team has many years of complementary experience and expertise: Arndt Rubart (55), CEO, in the design of powerful customer service solutions, Heinrich Erkens (55), CFO, in cost and process optimization. The founders met in 2001 at a start-up for the digitization of passenger cars. Since then, they have helped shape start-ups and start-up companies in various capacities. For their innovative and intuitive solutions, GmbH has received both the "German Innovation Award" in gold and the "Red Dot Design Award". Due to the innovative nature of its solutions, GmbH is funded under the program "INVEST - Grant for Venture Capital of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection" and has also received the "GründungsBONUS" from Investitionsbank Berlin.


Contact: GmbH
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Phone +49 30 39 770 770