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Berlin, 27. September 2022


MagicManuals® wins the Red Dot Award from a standing start


Went live at the beginning of the month and now already awarded!

MagicManuals®, a customer self-enabling solution by GmbH, win the Red Dot Award 2022 in the category "Design Concept". On the evening of September 27, 2022, the award ceremony took place in Singapore's Marina Bay District right next to the "Red Dot Design Museum" - and the Magic Manuals® now belong to the select circle of the Red Dot community. The "Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2022" now also contains an entry on the exceptional "Interaction and User Experience" of the MagicManuals®.

With MagicManuals®, manufacturers of B2C products that require explanation have the opportunity to set up a self-service portal in the look and feel of the respective brand for end customers in just 15 minutes and with just a few clicks. There, all information can be uploaded as text, image, video or 3D animation. In this way, users can find all the support material they need to set up or commission a product in one central location - user-friendly, multimedia-based and clearly structured.

The jury was impressed by this smart implementation, and the MagicManuals® were able to hold their own against a large number of submissions. After all, only nine percent of the products and solutions that applied for the world-famous "Red Dot" this year received an award from the panel.

"Now we want to use the Red Dot Award seal of approval to bring the solution to roll-out. The more end users we can help with setup, commissioning and product usage, the more we know why we took such great care in building the user interface and UX design," says Arndt Rubart, founder of GmbH.

MagicManuals® are suitable for a wide range of industries where build, commissioning and product usage make all the difference, such as furniture and fixtures, electrical, gaming and sports equipment, or automotive parts and accessories, etc. The decisive factor is that the effort and cost of customer service can be significantly reduced with MagicManuals®, because end users can find "help for self-help" quickly and unerringly, and cost-intensive channels such as telephone, e-mail and chat are relieved. The MagicManuals® start where it hurts, for both customers and providers.

"Being awarded for this right after the launch of the solution is a confirmation for many small decisions that have been made in the past months, which in sum have led to a unique solution that should make people's everyday life easier," says Heinrich Erkens, co-founder of GmbH. 


About GmbH:

The founding team has many years of complementary experience and expertise: Arndt Rubart (55), CEO, in the design of powerful customer service solutions, Heinrich Erkens (54), CFO, in cost and process optimization. The founders met in 2001 at a start-up for the digitization of passenger cars.

Since then, they have shaped startups, start-ups and growth companies in various capacities. For their Watch & Build engine, a solution for the furniture and interior design industry, the two received the "German Innovation Award" in gold in May 2022. Due to the innovative nature of their solutions, GmbH is funded under the program "INVEST - Grant for Venture Capital of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection" and has also received the "GründungsBONUS" from Investitionsbank Berlin.


Contact: GmbH
Wolfener Straße 32-34
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Phone +49 30 39 770 770