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Berlin, 06. September 2022


MagicManuals® - Assembly instructions as if by magic


From now on, it's magic assembly. Because today is the go-live for MagicManuals®, a customer self-enabling portal from GmbH. With the MagicManuals® solution, manufacturers of B2C products in need of explanation have the opportunity to set up a self-service portal in the look and feel of the respective brand for end customers in just 15 minutes and with just a few clicks. All the information needed to set up or commission a product can be uploaded there as a video, 3D animation, image or text. This makes MagicManuals® suitable for a wide range of industries where assembly and installation make all the difference, such as furniture and furnishings, electrical, play and sports equipment, or automotive parts and accessories, etc.

"As consumers, we buy products that are supposed to improve our lives. However, incomprehensible and complicated assembly or operating instructions spoil the pleasure after the purchase and cause dissatisfaction and frustration. This is a problem for suppliers of products that require explanation, as disgruntled customers have a negative impact on sales and profits," says Arnd Rubart, founder of GmbH.

For brands, manufacturers and retailers, MagicManuals® therefore offer many advantages: Crucially, the effort and cost of customer service can be significantly reduced because end users can quickly and accurately find "help for self-help" and cost-intensive channels such as telephone, e-mail and chat are relieved. With their user-friendly navigation, MagicManuals® improve the customer experience and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. The MagicManuals® also enable interaction with users, so that valuable feedback from customers about the products and their assembly can be collected and utilized for process optimization. In addition, incentives for cross-selling and upselling can be created.

"MagicManuals® starts where it hurts, both for customers and for suppliers. That's why the solution is so valuable, because it improves processes at crucial points. Complaints, returns and incorrect part orders can not only be better managed with the self-service portal, but also significantly reduced overall," says Heinrich Erkens, co-founder of GmbH.

As Software-as-a-Service, MagicManuals® can be used without further technical integration. A suitable package is offered for each customer need - cost optimizers, brand designers and enterprise customers - which is billed as a monthly or annual subscription per product or per manual. The SaaS structure thus provides brand providers with a self-administrative and scalable solution for the first time.


About GmbH:

The founding team has many years of complementary experience and expertise: Arndt Rubart (55), CEO, in the design of powerful customer service solutions, Heinrich Erkens (54), CFO, in cost and process optimization. The founders met in 2001 at a start-up for the digitization of passenger cars.

Since then, they have shaped startups, start-ups and growth companies in various capacities. For their Watch & Build engine, a solution for the furniture and interior design industry, the two received the "German Innovation Award" in gold in May 2022. Due to the innovative nature of their solutions, GmbH is funded under the program "INVEST - Grant for Venture Capital of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection" and has also received the "GründungsBONUS" from Investitionsbank Berlin.


Contact: GmbH
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