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Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions

For whom is MagicManuals® suitable?

For all manufacturers, dealers or service providers of products requiring explanation, i.e. products that are delivered with assembly, installation or operating instructions.

Can I switch between subscription packages?

Yes, you can change your package at any time. If you change to a higher package during the year, we will charge you the difference between the prepayment and the changed price until the end of the year. If you change to a lower version during the year (e.g. from the Professional to the Starter package), you are not entitled to a (pro-rata) refund of any prepayment already made.

When and how do I reach customer service?

Depending on the plan you choose, you will receive support via email, chat or phone. You can reach the chat and phone support (+49 30 39 770 770) Monday-Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Do I need special software/hardware to use MagicManuals®?

No. MagicManuals® works on almost all devices and only requires an internet connection and a web browser.

How long is the contract period?

If you pay monthly, you can cancel at any time on a monthly basis. In case of annual payment, the contract term is 12 months and can be cancelled three months before expiration. Otherwise, the contract is extended by another 12 months.

How long does it take to publish a MagicManual®?

After 15 minutes you should be able to provide your first MagicManual for your end customers. Of course, the more extensive your content, the longer it can take.

How do you protect my data?

The protection of your data and that of your company is very important to us. Therefore, we have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of processing, which we are continuously developing.

Where can I find answers to more questions?

On our website, under "Resources", you will find numerous video tutorials on the most important topics. As a customer, you have access to even more content that leaves no questions unanswered.